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Reduce Your Chin Fat the Kardashian Way

Let’s be honest: the only place a turkey neck is sexy is when you’re a meat lover on Thanksgiving… and that turkey is on your plate. With all of the buzz about Kybella, we’re proud that our team offers a way for our patients to trim down their neck fat. You can see our article, […]

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Information about Breast Augmentation

There are several reasons for going through breast augmentation surgery. Some reasons are cosmetic and some are medical. On the cosmetic side, a woman may feel her breasts are too small. Or the breasts may be different sizes. Or the breasts may be drooping or lopsided. Medical reasons include breast reduction surgery. The weight of […]

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Quick Fix vs. Long-Term Solutions for Sagging Brows

The forehead may not get the same amount of attention as the eyes, nose, or lips in cosmetic surgery, yet a slight change in the appearance of the forehead and brow area can dramatically improve a person’s appearance. The ideal brows Downturned brows can give the impression that you’re perpetually sad or upset. Youthful-looking brows […]

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A Quick Guide to Juvéderm® Injections

Injectables are becoming increasingly popular because desired outcomes are immediately apparent, mostly in just a couple of days after the injection. This is a far cry from cosmetic treatments that involve surgery and long recovery periods. BOTOX® Cosmetic has been dominating the injectables scene for years now. Hyaluronic acid fillers closely follow BOTOX®, with Juvéderm […]

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BOTOX® vs. Brow Surgery for a Line-Free Forehead

Aside from looking unappealing, forehead lines make you look perpetually sad, tired, or upset. Sure, an edgy fringe or cute bangs may conceal those lines but the effects are only temporary. There are two surefire methods for reducing forehead lines and restoring natural youthfulness in the area: a brow lift and BOTOX® Cosmetic injections. Is […]

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Three Ways Chemical Peels Can Help You

The first chemical peels date back to the time of Cleopatra when she used sour milk (lactic acid) to exfoliate her skin. Fast-forward to today; chemical peels come in various types and strengths. How do they help you improve overall skin tone and texture? Below are three common issues that chemical peels can address. Diminish […]

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How Wrinkles Develop

Facial wrinkles are frustrating. One day it seems everything is fine. Then, seemingly, the next day you wake up and notice the first signs of lines and wrinkles starting to form where there once were none. Before you run to the nearest beauty store and spend half your paycheck on the latest and greatest anti-aging […]

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