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Are you interested in a breast implant exchange in Miami? Book your consultation with our skilled breast implant exchange surgeons.

Breast Implant Exchange

Breast Implant Exchange

Are you interested in a breast implant exchange in Miami? 

Our surgeons have extensive expertise in breast implant surgery to help our patients achieve shapelier breasts. You may be considering exchanging your existing breast implants, if you feel your breast implants are too small, too big or you have had them for more than 10 years. If this is the case then it may be time to exchange them for a better implant fit for you.

Your plastic surgeon will help you choose the breast implants which will achieve your desired results, depending on the existing size or the desired results best suited to your body size and shape. Your surgeon will discuss with you the benefits of both saline and our state-of-the-art, gold standard implants, during your consultation.

Depending on the results you are looking for, your surgeon may decide to insert your implants under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle. He or she will also help your choose your desired amount of forward projection – round, contoured, moderate or high. During your consultation you can test a variety of implants and profile styles to see which will best complement your body’s natural contour and shape. We encourage you to bring all information you may have about the existing implants you have, this way the doctor will be able to determine better which would be the size to use for your surgery.

The procedure is done on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia or level IV sedation based on the patient’s preference. After you have your breast implant exchange in Miami, you can resume light activity almost immediately and can expect to return to work around five days following your surgery.

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