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Chemical Peel
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Chemical Peel in Miami

Chemical Peel Procedures in Miami, Florida

Chemical peels work by putting a chemical on the skin that reacts with and breaks up the top layers of skin (epidermis). Depending on the nature and concentration of the chemicals used, these peels can strip off only very superficial layers of skin or they can go deep into the skin. Choosing a peel depends on the amount of recovery time you are willing to invest. Peels can be classified as “superficial” or “deep” depending on how many layers of skin are reduced.

The deeper peels require medically supervised care during the healing phase for optimal results, and patients may need to be homebound for several days. The visible effects of the superficial peels are subtle, whereas the effects of deeper peels are dramatic.

The specific type of chemical peel which is just right for you can be determined during a consultation with your doctor at Pierini A Solution for Beauty. Contact us at 786.713.1588, or click here to fill out a form today!