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Chin Implants – Can They Enhance the Appearance of Your Face?

The chin plays a crucial role in the appearance of the face. But as we age, the chin appears to recede, giving the face an odd look. This is 650_iStock-000017991875Small especially true for women.

The main reason for the receding of the chin is the natural aging process of the skin. As we age, facial skin begins to lose its firmness and starts to sag. This sagging of the skin causes the chin to recede in relation to other facial features.

Chin implants are a great treatment option for fixing this issue. It’s a simple surgical procedure that can lift the chin and enhance the appearance of the face.

At Pierini A Solution For Beauty, we perform chin implant surgery with precision and finesse. In a chin implant, we make an incision under the chin and place an implant that has been designed especially for the specific needs of the patient. This implant helps correct the positioning of the chin and gives the face a younger look.

You will start noticing the results of your chin implant surgery almost immediately. You can resume your normal activities after a few days, but will need to refrain from any physically demanding tasks for about a month.

A receding chin can mar a beautiful face. If you want to correct the position of your chin, let’s talk about a chin implant.

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