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Dermalife™ Spa Oceana™
Looking for Dermalife™ Multi-Sensory Spa Systems in Miami? Visit our our leading Miami medspa.

Dermalife™ Spa Oceana™

Dermalife™ Multi-Sensory Spa Systems in Miami

DermaLife™ Spa Oceana™DermaLife™ Multi-Sensory Spa Systems are a blend of innovative thinking, premium design, and exclusive functions. They represent a holistic system of balance, a revolutionary improvement in spa care. DermaLife™ Spa Systems allow us to offer you truly ancient hydrospa solutions through modern technologies.

Each DermaLife™ model features 10 preset programs and one custom program that allows the technician or client to design a personalized spa service; Stress Release, Rejuvenation, Relief, Smoothing, Revive, Meditation, Steam Body Wrap, Scottish Awakening, High Heat Workout, Natural Cleansing, and Custom.

“Ultimate luxury” is the only way to describe the feeling of a completely automatic hydrospa tub and multi-sensory spa service in Spa Oceana™ 2G. In addition to all the features of Spa Jet 2G, Spa Oceana™ 2G goes beyond your dreams by providing you with a personal 52.8 gallon / 200 liter hydrospa tub. The Spa Oceana™ 2G hydrospa tub offers four (4) different invigorating programs with its 22 underwater jets and four (4) Colorbath™ light stations. Further, clients can direct the quick-connect, hand-held underwater massage jet to specific areas on the body for concentrated water jet massage.

Dermalife Hydro Spa Capsule Packages
DermaLife™ Spa Oceana™The DermaLife™ Spa is a multi-sensory spa treatment that combines the elements of hydrotherapy, heat therapy, color therapy and water massage therapy.

Super Hydrating Express.
A multi-sensory experience over your whole body with warm radiant head, hydrating steam, vibratory and water massage with LED light stations that wash your entire body with a rainbow of colors. This is a great experience after a relaxing massage.

Dream a Little.
Your body will be drenched in a warm Swedish Miaclay Mask with a powerful blend of essential oils and herbs drawing out natural impurities while invigorating circulation. The system soothes your body and a vibratory massage will rock you to a dream state of mind. A tropical mist infused with vitamins covers your body.

Beachside Body Renewal (Reviving)
After a full-body exfoliation, invigorate yourself in our exclusive DermaLife™ Spa-Jet HydroSpa system which envelopes your body in a moist hydrating heat and massage.


Radiant Heat.
Radiant Heat is emitted by both the sun and the human body. Radiant heat and energy penetrate deeply. Is tuned to the human body, has a similar spectrum of light emitting from the sun but without UV rays and creates unique vibration known as “resonant absorption.” In the DermaLife™ capsules, radiant heat is produced by ceramic emitters.

Moist heat softens the skin. Steam is also the only heat medium that has the natural composition to naturally cleanse and deeply hydrate the skin. Herbs or liquid vitamins infused into steam will enhance the spa experience.

This extraordinary engineering breakthrough creates a single blended Energy force through the harmonization of radiant heat and steam. It allows the spa Technician to use both of these natural energies individually or concurrently. Radiant heat warms the body. Simultaneously, the steam creates a moisture layer or sheet on the skin’s surface. Together, these elements join forces to create a powerful vortex of energy to optimize cleansing, moisturization, and the penetration of skincare products for advanced body and skin care.

“A Coccoon for the Care of the Body and the Spirit”
DermaLife™ Spa Oceana™

Take Me Away Stress Release
Let the troubles of the world melt away as your body is covered with our own Swedish Miraclay vitamin enriched mask which is then cleaned off in the exclusive DermaLife™ Spa-Jet while continuing to hydrate your body.

Engages all of the body’s systems to work in unison toward the goal of Systemic harmony. Cradling the body, the ergonomically designed support bed features a patented vibration system, featuring continuous and pulsating vibration to soothe or stimulate the body. The client can adjust the pattern of vibration and intensity during the program.

Spa-Oceana™ features two unique reservoirs that vaporize and disperse essential oils and herbal extracts to awaken the senses and to enhance results and enjoyment.

Expand your horizons, excite your senses and prepare to transform your dreams into an amazing new full body treatment.

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