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Firming Therapy
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Firming Therapy

Firming Therapy Massage

Firming Therapy Massage MiamiThis treatment is a soothing, silky formulation to smooth tone and firm the body. It is specially designed to reduce toxins and reduce water retention, while restores optimal tone to muscles. The firming therapy massage crème is a blend of firming activates that will firm your body increasing collagen, elasticity and help repair damaged skin. This treatment has multiples benefits; firms tissues, stimulates collagen and elasticity, tones muscles fibers and improves drainage.

Firming Therapy Massage prevents and decreases the accumulation of cellulite deposits and smoothes the body skin. It clears the lymph cells of the toxic fatty deposits and tightens skin. This treatment is use to tighten and slim arms, belly fat, waist, thighs, cellulite, legs, etc. and help smooth loose or dimpled skin making them firm and young looking.

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