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Male Breast Reduction in Miami


Male Breast Reduction MiamiGynecomastia is a procedure that removes fat and /or glandular tissue from the breasts and, in extreme cases, removes excess skin resulting in a contoured chest that is flatter and firmer.

Enlarged breast on young boys last only a few years and generally resolved by age 18. Enlarged breast on a man, however, can be uncomfortable, as well as socially and psychologically devastating
Gynecomastia affects approximately 40 to 60 percent of men. There is no known cause for gynecomastia, although there has been some correlation with various drugs or medical conditions. It can be associated with obesity, hormonal metabolism imbalance, liver disease or medical causes. Prior to choosing a surgical solution for gynecomastia, a period of diet and exercise is recommended.

You will experience some discomfort for several days. For the first few days after surgery you will wear surgical compression garment. Most discomfort associated with breast surgical can be controlled with oral medication prescribed by your surgeon.

Men who feel self-conscious about their appearance are helped with breast-reduction surgery. Following your breast reduction surgery, you will enjoy a new, more pleasing shape.

Breast Reduction Surgery is performed in our Center Pierini A Solution for Beauty under general anesthesia. The procedure can last from one hour to three hours depending on the extent of the correction.

We can discuss with our plastic surgeon your personal benefits in having other procedures performed during your Breast Reduction Surgery, such as Tummy Tuck, Liposuction on stomach, waist/ sides or back.

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