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Information about Breast Augmentation

breast-augmentationThere are several reasons for going through breast augmentation surgery. Some reasons are cosmetic and some are medical.

On the cosmetic side, a woman may feel her breasts are too small. Or the breasts may be different sizes. Or the breasts may be drooping or lopsided.

Medical reasons include breast reduction surgery. The weight of overly large breasts can cause back and spinal issues. Women also have breast augmentation surgery when they have cysts, polyps, or tumors.

Before you decide to have breast augmentation, make sure it is the right thing for you. Consult both your medical doctor and a breast surgeon to get all the information possible. Your personal doctor will let you know if there are any particular risks you should be aware of for someone of your health status. Research online before you have a consultation with a surgeon. Write down any concerns or questions you have and take the list to your appointment.

All surgeries are risky so it is imperative that you understand the risks that go along with the procedure. This is another area that your doctor will cover with you pre-surgery. You need to provide the breast surgeon with a complete and honest medical background. You need to be psychologically ready for the procedure, as well. If you are not a good candidate for the surgery, surgeon will let you know and will explain why.

If you decide that breast augmentation surgery is what you desire, let your doctors know and then follow through with all of the instructions you are given.

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