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Peel Treatment
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Peel Treatment

Peel Treatment

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Our Peel Treatment is a very efficient treatment used to remove dead skin cell that clog and make the skin look dull and dirty. By removing those with the Chemical Peel your skin’s overall appearance will be greatly enhanced. It will have a healthier glow and fine lines and wrinkles will diminish. Making it softer, smoother and younger. Your skin will look the best it has in years.

The peels are designed to improve the skin’s elasticity, to soften shallow lines, normalize skin conditions and improve skin texture. This process gently clears away dead skin cells clogging and dulling our skin’s surface.

Peel Treatment MiamiWe treat both the face and the neck. Healthy skin cells are revealed and enriched with enzyme-rich hydrating products to enhance cell growth and stimulate the production of collagen at the dermal level. A renewed complexion results in skin with a vibrant healthy glow. This treatment is safe for all skin types.

During any treatment, you will experience pleasant feelings of stimulation and relaxation. Most of our patients begin to notice favorable results in the condition of their skin after two to three treatments. Any treatment is designed for all skin type.

Please, come to see us for a free consultation with our esthetician designed to help you create an appropriate treatment plan that will fulfill you skin care goals.  Contact us at 786.713.1588, or click here to fill out a form today!