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Post-Bariatric Treatment in Miami

Are you looking for post-bariatric plastic surgery in Miami?

Obesity is an epidemic in the world. Many people struggle with their weight, and morbid obesity is on the rise. This means that someone weighs over 100 pounds more than what is medically recommended or has a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 40. Some obese individuals in Miami are able to lose a significant amount of weight with diet and exercise, but for many who find this to be unsuccessful, bariatric surgery offers a solution.

Bariatric surgery, which includes gastric bypass, lap-band, gastric sleeve, and other procedures, decreases the amount of calories the body can absorb. This changes the body’s physiology and causes extreme weight loss in a short amount of time.

Body Lift

For people with morbid obesity, massive weight loss is a life-changing event. However, as their weight loss transformation occurs, they are left with sagging skin that does not shrink to fit their slimmer body. This excess skin can cause both physical and emotional discomfort as many struggle to see their body aesthetically pleasing, have difficulty finding clothing and develop rashes and infections. No amount of exercise will tighten the loose skin or remove the isolated pockets of fat that are left behind.

The overall objective of post-bariatric or body lift surgery is to re-shape disproportionate body contours to help individuals reveal their new slimmer figures to better reflect the results of extreme weight loss.

What to expect

At Pierini A Solution for Beauty in Miami, our board-certified plastic surgeons have advanced surgical training and experience to safely perform post-bariatric and body lift (full or partial) procedures. These major surgeries should only be performed by board-certified plastic surgeons with experience in body contouring for patients after extreme weight loss.

The first step is to complete a medical examination and discuss your body lift goals during a free consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon. Recommendations will be made based on your individual aesthetic goals and the amount of your excess skin and fat. We choose from a variety of techniques to customize the best body contouring solution for you. Pierini A Solution for Beauty in Miami offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures to enhance your appearance. These may include:

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
Arm lift (brachioplasty)
Breast lift with or without reduction or augmentation (breast implants)
Facelift or skin tightening on neck or face
Male breast reduction (gynecomastia)
Thigh lift (inner/outer)

Post-bariatric (body lift) procedure and recovery

We perform liposuction in Miami on an outpatient basis at our comfortable surgery center in Doral/Miami. Body lifts can be performed as a full or total body lift (upper and lower) or a partial body lift. Typically a lower body lift is combined with the abdomen, buttocks and thighs and includes another procedure such as a tummy tuck. An upper body lift treats sagging arms and breasts. It may include a breast augmentation (breast implants).

Depending on the specific combination of post-bariatric procedures performed, recovery will vary from patient to patient. Recovery time is a minimum of one month. After surgery you will wear compression garments to control swelling and help flatten and contour your body. In the three to six months following your body lift in Miami, your final results will begin to take shape.

Why consider Post-bariatric (body lift) surgery in Miami?

When you look your best, you feel your best. For many of our post-bariatric surgery patients, extreme weight loss just isn’t enough to achieve their aesthetic goals. Body lift procedures not only remove excess skin and stubborn fat pockets revealing beautiful body contours, they also enhance your overall self-confidence.

To learn more about transforming your look and your life with post-bariatric (body lift) surgery, call Pierini A Solution For Beauty in Miami at 305.303.3872 to book your FREE consultation today.