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Tummy Tuck Results: How Long Should I Wait to Be Bikini-Ready?

bodyThere is nothing more liberating than being able to finally wear a new style of swimsuit that you’ve been avoiding for years following a tummy tuck procedure. Female patients wonder how long they must wait to see desired outcomes following tummy tuck surgery.

Although healing and recovery varies from one individual to another, there are certain benchmarks that are common across all patients.

You’ll have bruising and swelling on the day immediately following surgery. This can last up to a week post-surgery, along with occasional pain and discomfort. It is important to have someone stay with you during the first week to help with self-care and the chores around the house. You won’t be able to smoke, drive, or engage in moderate to strenuous exercise. And you’ll need to wear your compression garments to reduce swelling and help your skin adhere to its new contours.

Patients are usually able to return to their typical routine a month following surgery. However, extremely strenuous activities such as weight lifting should be avoided until the sixth week. On the eighth week post-surgery, desired outcomes will be noticeable and you’ll most likely be bikini ready!

Moderation in diet and regular physical activity are crucial factors in maintaining your bikini body following a tummy tuck. Call 305.303.3872 or fill out this contact form to learn more about a tummy tuck and other body contouring procedures.

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