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Virtual Gastric Band
Need a virtual gastric band procedure in Miami? Book your virtual gastric band procedure consultation at our first-class Miami clinic.

Virtual Gastric Band in Miami

Virtual Gastric Band in Miami

Virtual Gastric Band

This program is a combination of hypnotic suggestion techniques, NLP and behavioral modification techniques that together support each of the techniques to achieve absolute performance.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a recently developed treatment for obesity. It uses clinical hypnosis to replicate the effects of actual surgical gastric banding, but without the wide array of side effects that the surgery can bring about. This hub will describe the procedure that is used to achieve this effect, some possible future extensions of the procedure, risks, side-effects, benefits, and hopefully eventually we will offer a list of resources that can help you to get this procedure in your area.

With that introductory information out of the way, I would like to describe the gastric band hypnosis technique in more detail. It works by convincing the patient, at an unconscious level, that a true gastric banding operation has been performed. The unconscious mind and body thereafter respond to food and hunger in the ways that the individual would expect (or be led to expect.) The simulated surgery has not been performed very many times at the time of this writing, but the patients who received the treatments have reported a profound reduction in stomach capacity and ability to tolerate heavy foods.

Effective if we work with and want to eat that are in our mind, this is where are all our beliefs and attitudes with which we go through life getting the results we know. Obviously if we change the beliefs and attitudes will have different results. If we change the content, change the outcome. All clients report that they lose the desire to eat more than 50% and that is so effective because it works from a lack of interest in food and not from the prohibition of food we like, and this is not a restrictive diet plan, but a way to reduce cravings (cravings), anxiety and obsession with certain foods.

The treatment lasts for 6 sessions you attend once every two weeks.

In the first session will give an informative seminar that explains the guidelines of the technique, the difference between this and the adjustable band surgically, clarify doubts and give tips to start changing habits.

Additionally, as an exclusive service Pierini A Solution for Beauty apply a nutritional assessment test that gives results MVP500 BMI,% fat,% water and nutrition habits, allowing us to make a personalized and targeted specifically to the needs of each one participant. During this session is implanted Virtual Lap Band and provided to participants two audios to be listening for the day (15 minutes before getting up in the morning) and evening (at bedtime to help you sleep) for the treatment be continued even outside the office.

The next two sessions are reinforcements.

The fourth session is a second implant that helps the person to reconcile with her slim figure, as we begin to lose weight after having long overweight or obese, the mind feels threatened and may stagnate in their purpose so that reconciliation is necessary. In this new implant, change the audio in the morning and evening.

The last two sessions are reinforced again.