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Why Kicking the Smoking Habit Before Cosmetic Surgery is Crucial

650_iStock-000017991875SmallTaking steps to quit smoking have always been a part of our pre-surgery instructions. Although the ill effects of smoking to your general health are widely known – ranging from various types of cancer to increased risk of health issues in the heart and lungs – there are specific reasons why kicking the habit before a cosmetic procedure is crucial.

Healing following surgery is largely dependent on how much oxygen is delivered via the blood vessels to the surgical site. Smoking reduces that oxygen supply because chemicals in cigarettes constrict the blood vessels. Lack of oxygen to the surgical site delays the healing process.

When healing takes additional time, there is also an increased risk of post-surgery complications such as bleeding, infection, obvious scarring, and wound separation. In fact, several studies have shown that smokers tend to experience longer hospital stays and read missions across all types of surgery.

Lastly, smoking will negate the outcomes you hope to gain from a cosmetic procedure. Most treatments are designed to slow the effects of aging; smoking is a major factor in the development of premature signs of aging.

Planning for your plastic surgery

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